When Sales VPs talk, We listen.

Our V4.0 release unlocks the power of unified store data,
helping you protect your brands and drive sales.

Rep Image Tagging

Simple photo tagging for field reps, with one of the easiest to use designs, allows teams to tag and share compliance issues, competitors, promotions, displays, and products. These tags not only can be used to filter and find information later, they also can be used in dashboards for more advanced trend data management.

Rep Quick Photos

Saving reps every possible second while in-store is part of our passion. To make it even simpler than using a form, we now allow reps to take a quick photo and tag with one click of button. This makes it even easier for reps, executives and managers to quickly snap in-store photos and share relevant tags with team members.

Automated Photo Tagging

Shelvspace provides a human QA service that will tag photos for you, so you can have your reps spending less time collecting data, and more time focused on selling. Our service can be used for data already collected, so if you want to perform historical analysis, or share more detailed information in real-time, it is now possible. This service is also effective for competitor information, promotional display activity, or for identifying callouts on specific store condition issues requiring immediate attention.

Integrated Dashboard Gallery

View photos side by side with store-level data on Shelvspace Dashboards and visually see what’s happening in stores and how it correlates with sales. This integrated view provides sales VPs with an industry-leading capability to view all store-level data, customized to their exact needs in a single view.

Image Filtering

When viewing photos on the web, our photo galleries have added the ability to filter by tags so you can see photos matching the tags you have applied. This allows you to quickly get more detailed data when evaluating both dashboards, general reports, and on mobile when looking at past activities.

Store-Level Gallery

In store-level history, see a gallery of all photos taken at a store for quickly showing buyers photos that help build and tell a sales story.

Automated Report Improved Table View

Automated reports can now show photos next to form data, so you can visually see the shelf with the data your team is collecting.