Data Integration Gives Visibility

Gain competitive advantage through integrated data; drive focused retail execution.


How it Works

  • Integrate

    Our all-in-one cloud provides ultimate visibility into retail execution by combining POS data, audits, crowdsourcing, and team workflow all in one place, in a format that is familiar and easy to use


    Ultimate visibility into retail execution

  • Identify

    Easily identify sales gaps and opportunities without being overwhelmed with aggregating data across sources or being buried in an excel spreadsheets


    Retail execution software identifies sales gaps & opportunities

  • Audit

    Using the Industry’s best mobile workflow and integrated crowdsourcing, collect additional retail execution data to get ultimate visibility and better understand problems and the “why” behind them


    Our retail execution software uses the industry’s best mobile workflow and integrated crowdsourcing

  • Take Action

    Make your team smarter and faster and hold your partners accountable by ensuring they are focusing on the right opportunities and fixing the issues that matter


    Retail execution software: Make your team smarter and faster

  • Report

    Aggregate and trend data by account, team, region and better manage retail execution progress over time in an actionable and accessible format


    Aggregate and trend retail execution data


Category leaders use Shelvspace to prevent lost sales, unlock new ways to grow at retail execution, and dominate the competition.

Retail execution software - screenshot

Identify Opportunities and Take Action

Wake up each morning with a clear picture of where your coverage gaps and biggest sales opportunities are so your team can focus on stores that impact bottom line.

Don’t have a sales team, or need an extra set of eyes, no problem, deploy our crowdsouring teams and get instant visibility into retail execution with the click of a button.

Learn About Crowdsourcing

Retail execution software

Sell, Manage and Analyze on the Go

More than just a data collection app, Shelvspace delivers real-time insights, intelligent routing, and store-level management to your mobile device. So whether you’re auditing stores, selling or managing your sales teams, you have all the tools at your fingertips to drive your business forward.

Retail execution software dashboard


Our robust, out-of-the-box reporting suite gives you an immediate competitive advantage and approach to the way you run your business. See performance trends, compare key metrics and know exactly what levers to pull to optimize results.

Integrate Store-Level Shipment & Scan Data

Integrate data buried in excel spreadsheets into the Shelvspace platform and instantly give your team data-driven intelligence that is actionable.

Crowdsource Audits for Instant Visibility

Use Shelvspace crowdsourcing to supplement your own sales team or to hold your partners more accountable with instant visibility to store conditions.

Hands on Implementation and Support

Our implementation process is painless and fast, and our customer success team is here to help you every step of the way from on-boarding to expansion.

Your store-level retail execution doesn’t have to be a mystery. Try Shelvspace for yourself.

  • “I’ve learned more about our product and execution opportunities in 2 weeks with Shelvspace than the rest of my time here combined.”

    Neil, VP Sales
    Leading Water Beverage Brand
  • The in the field test today went very very well, better then expected.  Look, It took us 2 months to create a tracker that we just went out with your tool and did it in 2 minutes!  You guys really hit a home-run, this app is so simple and easy to use!!”

    Ken, VP Sales
    Leading Beverage Brand
  • “App is quick and easy. Performance is fast and runs smooth. With SalesForce we’re used to dealing with signal issues, having to sit out in the parking lot to get it to synced. Shelvspace is a lot more adaptable to what we need.”
    Erroll, Field Rep
    Fast Growing Specialty Brand
  • “We sat in my office and had a 20 minute conversation about the system and how our teams could/would use it. You are forcing us to think about or business a little differently, which is a good thing. Your vision of the future and the analytics/metrics we can capture is is far greater than ours.”
    Mike, Regional Director
    Category Leading Brand
  • “Shelvspace saves me about 2 hours a day in drive time, time in store, and reporting time. 2 more hours a day that I can now spend selling!
    Paul, Field Rep
    Leading Dairy Company
  • “Our [Shelvspace] app made it so much more actionable. Real-time results, real-time visibility. Very important!!”

  • “Shelvspace is an awesome platform. Company is great to work with. They
    really understand partnership.”
  • “Most tools do either mobile or data reporting, but no one has hit mark on making it really easy to manage “retail selling plan” and execution.”

    Snapple Executive
    Dr. Pepper Snapple
  • “Your program is fantastic. We now have a way to do retail in our down the street program that we couldn’t do before. I am excited, the potential to grow it is limitless.”

    AC Sales
  • “We are having to do all of this manually right now…this is going to save us a ton of time — I’m giddy like a school girl”

  • “You guys have built and amazing program. It’s so damn easy. Looks great and I truly believe in what you guys are doing”
    Summit Hills
  • “This tool is Brilliant!”
  • “The information you provided was awesome…Its a great tool!”
  • “You guys hit a home run… its a super program!”

  • “With that kind of caring and the continuing development of your program, I can see this being one of the most helpful and productive programs/tools out there.”

    AC Sales
  • “Nobody has anything like this.”

  • “I’m tearing up right now.”

    (This is our favorite quote!)

  • “This is the most interactive dynamic Reporting I’ve seen even with the multi million dollar CRMs I’ve used.”

  • “[Other solutions] tell you what your reps did; a summary report to babysit your people and that’s it.  Shelvspace goes beyond to provide retail intelligence that helps you sell more and manage your entire business”

  • We have stories every week of our sales reps being able to persuade store managers to add additional placements of Nuun due to the insights we show them through Shelvspace.


See how Shelvspace can improve your sales performance with data-driven insights and the industry’s best store level visibility.


  • Identify sales opportunities and gaps and take action
  • Use crowdsourcing for increased visibility
  • Sell manage and analyze while on the go
  • Customized reporting delivering game changing insights


And see a personalized walk-through of Shelvspace

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