Get instant visibility on execution and team performance while equipping your sales reps with the sales tools to make them smarter and faster

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Uncompromised Sales Mobility

We don’t compromise when it comes to mobility and simplicity for your reps. With our cloud-based sales rep software, your reps can now wake up each morning with a clear picture of where coverage gaps exist and where to focus sales efforts.


See what stores are closest to you and compare store performance to know where you need to focus


Whether on the streets or 30,000 feet in the sky, offline access allows you to work from anywhere

  • Sales rep software for retail execution
  • Retail execution software
  • Retail execution software

Track store history, complete audits, and analyze store performance all in one place


See year-over-year sales data down to the individual SKUs and tell a better sales story

Empower your field sales reps... don't just track them.

Shelvspace leverages data to give sales reps insights and intelligence to help them sell more. Reps can walk into every store with an understanding of what's happening, what's authorized, and where they need to focus.

Sales rep software reporting

Customized, Automated Reporting

Automated daily reports give you instant visibility to your team performance and product execution so you can make real-time adjustments before it’s too late.


Complete Store Audits

Easily create and deploy audits to your team so your team can collect the data and information you need to make decisions

Photo Gallery

Get direct line of sight into stores and visually ensure displays, promotions and merchandising are being executed as planned

Customized Reporting

Compare sales rep performance and display execution in real-time so you can identify and fix problems before it’s too late

Comparative Data Analysis

Compare how team activity, and promotions directly affect sales and know what levers you need to pull to move the bottom line

Data Integration

Integrate store-level scan and shipment data and get mobile insights and intelligence in a digestible format that help you tell a better sales story

Interactive Coverage Map

Use our interactive coverage map to easily identify coverage gaps and opportunities you can take action on with the click of a button

The days of spot checking stores is over. Visit the right stores that move the needle.

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