We help CPG field teams maximize efficiency and focus on top opportunities at the shelf

Unlike field collection apps, Shelvspace includes a robust reporting suite, advanced store intelligence, and more strategic management in one easy-to-use solution


Get the right data into the hands of the people who can fix issues and grow your sales. Our award-winning mobile experience puts power in the hands of sales teams with an app they will love.


Don’t just track and collect data from your field team; give them information they need to perform better. Identify top opportunity stores, provide data intelligence, and track trends and opportunities in a way that helps executives, managers, and the field focus on what matters.

Shelvspace On Shelf Availability

Bring it all together


Gone are the days of reviewing field data in a silo. We unify all data sources into easy-to-use dashboard views and provide you with improved visibility through crowdsourcing, picture galleries, and plug-and-play data integrations. Finally, an easier way to see and manage performance across all types of performance data.


Quickly identify sales performance trends for your team, as well as on-shelf conditions so that you can proactively fix out of stocks and promotion compliance issues and discover new opportunities that will make the greatest impact on your bottom line.


What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “I’ve learned more about our product and execution opportunities in 2 weeks with Shelvspace than the rest of my time here combined.”

    Neil, VP Sales
    Leading Water Beverage Brand
  • The in the field test today went very very well, better then expected.  Look, It took us 2 months to create a tracker that we just went out with your tool and did it in 2 minutes!  You guys really hit a home-run, this app is so simple and easy to use!!”

    Ken, VP Sales
    Leading Beverage Brand
  • “App is quick and easy. Performance is fast and runs smooth. With SalesForce we’re used to dealing with signal issues, having to sit out in the parking lot to get it to synced. Shelvspace is a lot more adaptable to what we need.”
    Erroll, Field Rep
    Fast Growing Specialty Brand
  • “We sat in my office and had a 20 minute conversation about the system and how our teams could/would use it. You are forcing us to think about or business a little differently, which is a good thing. Your vision of the future and the analytics/metrics we can capture is is far greater than ours.”
    Mike, Regional Director
    Category Leading Brand
  • “Shelvspace saves me about 2 hours a day in drive time, time in store, and reporting time. 2 more hours a day that I can now spend selling!
    Paul, Field Rep
    Leading Dairy Company
  • “Our [Shelvspace] app made it so much more actionable. Real-time results, real-time visibility. Very important!!”



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