Customer Innovation Team Webinar

Webinar Details

Tue 11/14 @ 1pm PST / 4pm EST
Line: 213.226.1066
code: 950-238-323#

As a member of our Customer Innovation Team, Shelvspace invites you to an open discussion webinar focused on hearing from our customers how you act on opportunities and solve problems at the shelf.

What do we mean by Retail Shelf Managemet?

Retail Shelf Management focuses on solving 4 key opportunities at the shelf:

  1. On Shelf – Is my product on the shelf? (OOS, Voids, On shelf availability)
  2. Compliance – Is my product on the shelf how it should be? (location, facings, position, code date, etc.) 
  3. Promos – Are my displays and promotions being executed as planned? (Displays, pricing, programs, etc.)
  4. New Sales – Am I winning new accounts and expanding my shelf presence in existing accounts? (new SKUs, more facings, adding displays, selling promos, winning buyer meetings, etc.)

To better understand what’s working for our customers and how Shelvspace can better support winning at the shelf. We seek to foster thought leadership among our customers, where innovative brands work together to solve major industry challenges.