See what’s new in Shelvspace 3.0


Activity Summaries on Mobile

The new activity page on mobile gives users access to form results, activity map, and photo gallery updated in real-time. The Form Results tab has lists of every form submission and orders completed per user. Tap on a form or order to view the details and email it from in-the-field.

The map view displays a pin for every recent form submission. Tap on a pin to view the submission, then tap on the title to view the details.

The Photo gallery displays all photos sorted by most recent across all forms. Tap for full-screen view and then email.

Each tab within the activity page can be filtered by HQ Account, Date Range, Distributor, Region, and Channel. Those users with admin access can view submissions across all users can filter per user.


Users now have access to reports right on mobile. Instead of waiting until the end of the day or end of the week to view progress, mobile users can now tap on reports from the menu and select any report which they have permissions for; all updated in real-time. You can also email the report the same way you would a form result.

Report view permissions per user are configurable by Administrators on the report settings through the web portal.


A 3.0 Feature we snuck out early in 2.9 is the ability to edit store details right from mobile. Tap on the top right to edit the store including Address, HQ Account, Store name, #, etc. There are some additional attributes you can edit towards the bottom such as distributors and custom label. Tap update store and you are done!


Several enhancements have been made to Reports in 3.0. First we’ve added a Form Results section which embeds store by store form results to a report.  Instead of having to login to web portal and go to the form results page, you can now have each store visit details sent to you automatically with the rest of the rollup summary.

We’ve also added the ability to include multi-select, single select, and yes/no responses in the summary view as a sum or percent. Prior, only number questions could be rolled up by each Rep, HQ Account, or Store Group, but now you can include metrics such as how many times did each Rep select Yes to “Did you open a new account”, or what percentage of the time was the option OOS selected and broken down by distributor.

Also in reports: Users can unsubscribe from receiving auto emailed reports at the bottom of each email. Adding multiple photo questions to a single gallery section instead of having separate gallery sections for each Photo question is now available as well.


A configuration page for distributors and regions now allows users to more effectively manage stores and create reports by distributor or by region. For distributors, you can assign a primary distributor and secondary distributor by store. Regions can be broken out by state allowing any store added either on mobile or web will automatically be assigned to that region.

Configuring regions and distributors allows you to create reports by distributor and by region as well as filter accordingly on mobile and on dashboards.


Our new KPI module expands and enhances your ability to benchmark retail and team performance. You can now identify standard questions to included in multiple forms that all rollup into a standard Key Performance Indicator Report.

For example, if you have different forms per retailer that all ask the same question: “What SKUs are on Shelf?” you can now turn that question into a KPI question, add it to any form, and the responses will all rollup together.


  • Coverage Map load time has been improved when querying against thousands of stores. The map automatically contains the first 1000 results and then allows you to drill in further when zoomed.
  • Reps now have a limited view with they login through the web portal which includes Reports, Coverage Map, Settings, Help & Support, and Logout
  • Simplified form history view and added store details as header