Flag Stores on Mobile

Flagging is a great way to mark stores in need of follow-up or additional tasks. From the Stores page, tap on Edit, select the stores you want to Flag, tap flag and then Flag Selected Stores. Additionally you can tap into the store details and tap the flag icon at the bottom.

Flagged Stores will have a blue dot to the left on the Stores Page. Additionally you can filter to view only stores that have been flagged.

Share Multiple Forms at Once on Mobile

Emailing or Exporting multiple form responses at once is an effective way to communicate to managers or retail partners. With 3.5 you now have the ability to do this right on mobile. From the menu, tap on Activities. Filter the form results accordingly, for example I can filter to show only those form results I’ve personally done today for stores serviced by my local distributor.

Tap the Edit icon, select the form results I want to email, and tap Share. There are two ways to email the results: either as cards or as an attachment. If you select cards, each form response will be imbedded as a report like view within the email. If you send as attachement, all form responses will be sent as part of a CSV document, viewable in excel.

Auto Fill Forms from Previous Result

In 3.5, we introduce the Form Auto Fill option to make it easier and faster for reps to complete forms in stores they have already visited. In the Store Details page, tap on the form you want to complete. Tap the ellipsis menu with the 3 dots at the top right and tap Auto Fill Responses. As long as you have completed this form on a previous visit, this will auto fill the form with the most recent responses. Note that photos are not auto filled as new photos should always be taken on each visit.

System Administrators can activate or deactivate the Auto Fill capability on a per form bases in the Form Settings from the Admin Panel. From the Forms page, click on Form Details. Under the Details section you will see an option to Enable Auto Fill

Sync Status Verification

Shelvspace mobile works with or without an internet connection. All submitted data is stored locally first and then synced to online servers whenever the app is open and there is a valid internet connection either through Cellular Data or WiFi. In 3.5 we’ve added a sync status indicator at the bottom to easily verify at all times whether or not you have data that needs to be synced. To trigger syncing, make sure you have a valid internet connection and have the app open. Additionally you can do a pull to refresh.

Dynamic Date Range Filter on Web

3.5 now adds dynamic date range filters to Gallery, Activity Map, Form Results, and Orders. Add the start and end dates by clicking in the box and selecting from the calendar drop down.