The evolution in consumer and outside of retail happened fast. From Amazon with less than an hour grocery delivery to your doorstep, to Uber delivering foods, or even driverless cars now being seen on on the highways.  CPG executives must keep up with the competition.

Keep up with technology trends.

For those in retail, its important to keep up with these trends. Not only as some of these technologies are competing with or disrupting experiences at Retail but also because the in-store shopping experience is on the brink of major changes.

For years there has been chatter about in-store technologies for out of stock, promotions, etc. yet few have succeeded in mainstream adoption. As technology pressures contain to arise outside of the storefront, the pressure for retailers to continue to evolve in-store will continue to grow.

CPG Competition.

CPG executives must not only look for new ways product brands can be exposed and made available to customers but also for new forms of in-store engagement that drive different ways to evaluate and measure product brands in-store success.

What in-store technology are you most excited about?  We’re confident it’s Shelvspace.

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The purpose of The Customer Innovation Team is for us to gain a deeper understanding of our customer needs as well as get feedback on ideas and designs. Participation is completely voluntary and we will always be respectful of your time.

What does being part of the Customer Innovation Team entail?

Request for feedback on specific work flows or software features through occasional surveys.

Beta test unreleased software & provide feedback on designs via screen sharing or web conferencing operations.

Participation is completely voluntary and we will always be respectful of your time. Feedback from one 30-min with you call can make all the difference in how our software is built.

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Questions or Suggestions?

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