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Our mission is to transform the way consumer goods are sold to U.S. retail with simple and easy to use technology

The CPG Industry has gone over 30 years without significant change to managing a fragmented sales and brokering process. In an age of innovation, leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage is critical to long term success.

The fundamental problem with other sales management tools and software available today is that people don’t use them. Implementations are long, the software is clunky and hard to use, and they only solve part of the problem.

We believe mobile tools combined with real-time data will create game changing competitive advantage and increased profitability for the CPG industry.


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Executive Team

With a unique combination of U.S. retail and mobile technology expertise, Shelvspace was founded with a strong internal belief that businesses deserve better, smarter software. Our passion for simplicity, design, and pursuit of what truly matters has helped us create the next generation of mobile cloud solutions that fully leverage your most important asset…..people.

Dave Albertson

Dave Albertson
CEO & Co-Founder

Chad Tornabeni

Chad Tornabeni
COO & Co-Founder

Pat Bergschneider, CTO

Pat Bergschneider


Shelvspace is a fast growing, innovative company filled with incredibly smart and talented people with a passion to impact human lives on a daily basis. Everyone on our team has the opportunity to make a big impact on millions of peoples lives. We are actively looking for self-driven and dynamic people who solve big problems that will disrupt a trillion dollar industry.

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