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Whether it’s a merchandiser hustling displays store to store, or a VP trying determine what promotion and team resources will give the biggest lift… we understand the Consumer Product Goods Industry. We believe that an Industry driven by a culture of hard work and accountability, deserves something better then clunky software and scattered data. Shelvspace not only makes things easy, it provides cutting edge innovation to take retail performance to the next level.

The best part, we do it all in the cloud, all you need to do is plug in to get started. Join other category innovators with the fastest, most customizable, and flexible sales solution the Industry has to offer.


Insights That Matter

We transform data and activity into a meaningful set of pictures and facts that tell the full story on what is happening. Finally, an easier way to measure and manage performance.

Prevent Lost Sales

Quickly identify out of stock, promotion, and sales gaps to ensure your brokers and sales teams are focusing on the stores that make the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Make Your Teams Better

Improve Execution

Give your team the best set of mobile execution and store level intelligence that will make them efficient. Use our crowdsourcing capability to fill in any gaps.

Gain Intelligence and Accountability

See how team activity and initiatives directly affect sales and make intelligent decisions on when and where to focus to make the biggest impact.

Shelvspace is not just another CRM or data collection app… we are a complete solution


Shelvspace is a true cloud solution that allows you to integrate flexibly with other data or systems. Our partner ecosystem and out-of-the-box solutions will allow you to always stay best in class, while also allowing you flexibility to customize for your business.


Our customized reporting and email automation suite was built for sales teams to use daily without the need of an analyst and in a format that is immediately actionable.


Aggregate sales and shipment data with in-store audits and your own teams activity to get the most complete retail performance measurement and management tool you can have.


Our industry leading mobile app goes beyond workflow and puts data-driven intelligence at reps fingertips in an innovative design your team will love using.

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