CPG’s Retail
Execution Platform

We help leading consumer brands sell and promote
to retail faster, smarter, and more efficiently

Smarter Teams Grow Faster.

Shelvspace combines data intelligence with sales team execution and photos in real-time, giving you full visibility of what’s happening at store level so you can win the battle at retail

CPG Workflows

Shelvspace was designed specifically for CPG workflows and integrates all the tools needed to manage and execute the entire sales process

Real-time execution

Take the guesswork out of retail execution initiatives and ensure promotions and sales are being executed properly at store level

Data That Empowers

Integrate shipment and scan data directly into our mobile app and empower your sales teams to make intelligent, data-driven decisions

The CPG industry is ready for the type of innovation that Shelvspace is providing. Simple, actionable data and next generation mobile execution are keys to driving better industry efficiency and effectiveness- David Tucci, Consolidated Sales Network

Actionable data and intelligence

Everyone has lots of data, but usually it’s buried in clunky spreadsheets or PowerPoint reports. Few are actually getting it in the hands of their sales teams and brokers so they can take action on daily basis, or getting it summarized back to executives in a way that is useful.

Shelvspace provides store-level data and insights in a simple to use mobile application, giving your sales team’s actionable, data-driven intelligence at their fingertips so they can focus on what truly matters – driving the business forward.

Get more ROI on your data

Make data more insightful by connecting store photos and survey results to retailer data, giving you a visual story of what’s happening

Prioritize what matters

Quickly identify voids and sales gaps and ensure your sales teams, brokers and distributors are focusing on the stores that make the greatest impact on your bottom line

Category insights that help you sell

Equip your sales team with category intelligence and insights at their fingertips so they can make informed decisions that help them sell more

Real-time visibility into what’s happening at retail

Take the guesswork out of sales rep and broker management and ensure proper execution of promotions, pricing, planogram compliance and sales initiatives.

By Connecting data to what your sales teams are doing in the field, you now have instant visibility to what’s happening at retail so you can achieve new levels of retail execution and compliance.

Integrated HQ and store-level tracking

Keep your team aligned on what’s important while driving company strategy, initiatives and programs with integrated Headquarter and Retail tracking all from your mobile device

Real-time dashboards and reporting

Summarize data and intelligence in real-time across sales teams and identify execution gaps and opportunities faster

Competitive intelligence

Get a clear daily picture of how you’re executing against your competition while gathering intelligence on competitor pricing, placements and promotions

Increase rep efficiency and goal focus

Improve sales execution and effectiveness by staying connected to what your reps are doing on a daily basis. The Shelvspace platform simplifies daily workflow and ensures teams stay aligned to your company’s top goals and objectives.

Increase team productivity

Equip your sales teams with all the tools and information needed to complete the entire sales process right from their mobile device

Stay aligned to company goals

Keep your teams motivated and aligned on current objectives so they wake up each day with a clear picture of what needs to happen

Integrated platform that drives simplicity

Designed specifically for the CPG industry, Shelvspace simplifies daily workflow and removes unnecessary clutter so your team can stay focused on what’s important

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