Retail Execution
Made Simple.

We unify store-level data and help
sales teams drive action at the shelf


Store & syndicated data integration
Data Integration
CPG Sales Reporting
Retail Reporting
Crowdsource Store Audits
CPG Mobile App Field Team Management
Mobile Field Management
CPG Workflow Automation
CRM + Automation
CPG Broker Relationships
Broker-Retailer Collaboration


Whether it’s a merchandiser hustling store to store, or a VP trying to determine what retail initiative will give the biggest lift… we understand the Consumer Product Goods Industry. In an Industry culture built from hard work, every shelf counts. Your sales teams need better ways to beat the competition, drive accountability, and seize the missing 20% retail sales opportunity that awaits at store level right now.

Unfortunately, data and tools that support sales often just add overhead and slow people down. Shelvspace has solved this so you can focus on selling instead of worrying about technology. We bring retail data together in one place in real-time, then empower sales team with powerful ways to take action at the shelf. It’s that easy, just like software is supposed to be.


Understand What’s Happening

We unify all data sources and give you new ways to gain visibility such as crowdsourcing, picture galleries, and plug and play data integrations.  Finally, an easier way to see and manage performance.

Identify Opportunities

Quickly identify out of stocks, promotions, and sales opportunities to ensure you are focused on the stores that make the greatest impact to your bottom line.


Field Team Execution

Get the right data in the hands of the people who can fix issues and grow your sales.  Our award winning mobile experience puts power in the hands of sales teams with an app they will love.

Partner Collaboration

Shared, clear & organized executive dashboards & powerful automation tools keep brokers, distributors, and retail partners aligned. Stay focused on real-time data to grow sales.

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