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We believe simple sales tools combined with real-time store data unlock a new set of opportunities

The Industry is searching for new innovation. The days of armies of sales reps carrying clunky binders, analyst rolling up mounds of store level data, or executives reviewing long outdated power points are not cutting it. We must move faster. We must be more proactive. We must stay a step ahead of the competition.


To achieve this we believe it is critical for sales teams to operate in real-time and be empowered with actionable intelligence at their fingertips. Shelvspace is a next generation mobile platform that provides a better way.

Integrated mobile sales platform

Unlike other solutions like Salesforce.com, Shelvspace was designed specifically for industry workflows.


With our enterprise platform you can finally get visibility of what’s happening and what’s not happening in real-time so you can find opportunities and take action on them. This increased speed and alignment will help you grow sales and lower costs.

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Real-time sales and promotional execution

Sale teams need things simple and easy to use, that won’t slow them down.


We are the first mobile enterprise sales platform that reps love to use, and empowers them to execute faster and smarter while cutting cost.  The end result will be an A-Team that has an advantage over your competition.

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Actionable data to win at retail

Everyone has lots of data, but usually it’s buried in clunky spreadsheets or powerpoint reports.  Few are actually getting it in the hands of their reps to take action on daily, or getting it summarized back to executives in a way that makes everyone better.


Our data platform provides store level data in a super simple to use mobile experience that the industry has never before seen.  This intelligence will drive action and innovation to grow your business to the next level.

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