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Built specifically for the CPG industry, we make promoting and selling to retail faster, smarter and more efficient

The U.S. wholesale industry has gone over 30 years without significant change to managing a fragmented broker, distribution, and retailer model. Everybody involved is tired of the endless trade shows, slow sales meetings, clunky catalogs and order sheets, and countless hours manipulating excel data and putting together PowerPoint presentations. We believe there is a better way…


Achieve the highest ROI on trade spend and increase competitive advantage


Build trust and long successful relationships without adding costs


Take full advantage of your retail force and grow product sales volume


Ensure best promotions on products are always on your shelves

Know where you’re selling… and where you’re not

Half the battle of great retail execution is knowing what is… and isn’t happening at all times. Rather than hope for the best each day, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly where your gaps are in the field so you can pin point and solve them immediately? Our platform eliminates the need to wait for data and empowers your field reps with actionable knowledge at their finger tips. Having this ability will enable you to:
  • Fill Account Rep Coverage Gaps
  • Identify Store Placement Opportunity
  • Avoid Simple Blocking and Tackling Misses

Get real-time visibility of promotional execution

Do you ever feel your promotional execution is a black hole or you must rely completely on your partners for success? Are you leaving money on the table by simply missing execution of promotions that have already been locked in? You are not alone. The entire industry has struggled to have a simple way to maximize the retail execution of promotions. With a full platform that connects promotions all the way through retail execution you can now:
  • Measure Performance in Retail-Time
  • See and Touch it with Pictures and Notes
  • Identify Promotional Gaps and Fix Them

Simplify data to win at retail

Data today is a minimum ante needed to compete at the highest level. Everyone is spending big bucks on consumer and distributor data, or any insights that give them a more compelling sales story. Wouldn’t it be better if all this data was brain dead simple to use, and you could instantly deliver it to your sales team in a way that made them better? Our platform does this in a way that is best just to see for yourself. Get data when your reps need it, and how they need it… so they can get the outcomes you desire.
  • Action Oriented Rep Dashboards
  • Integrated Distributor and Retail Data
  • Custom Performance Dashboards

Help reps sell more

Finding, training, and developing a superior sales team is a constant that takes time, but most know it is the key to long-term success. Giving your A-players the tools they need, while giving a push and accountability to the rest of the team is not easy, especially when the team is scattered in different locations and functions. Our platform makes the process A LOT easier, and equips your sales reps with the tools they need to sell smarter, faster and more efficiently. We enable you to:
  • Track Rep Performance
  • Simplify, Automate, and Standardize Basic Tasks
  • Helps Reps Sell More and Save Money
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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Shelvspace provides innovation in efficiency and effectiveness, allowing us to keep a step ahead of the competition"

    DaveTucci Dave Tucci Consolidated Sales Network
  • "Combining better sales tools with industry specific data is a game changer and is where the industry is heading"

    AndrewYoung Andrew Young Harold W. Young, Inc.
  • "Having real-time data and mobile tools that make it easy to communicate across reps, retailers, and suppliers is a huge win for everyone"

    JeffYurgae Jeff Yurgae Mueller-Yurgae