The Premier Retail Sales Execution Platform

Built to give retail sales teams and executives real-time, store-level visibility and insights to win at the shelf


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Transform your Sales Process

Tell a Better Sales Story

Shelvspace transforms millions of rows of data and sales team activity into digestible insights that paint a picture of what is actually happening at stores and across your key accounts

Prevent Lost Sales

Quickly identify voids and sales gaps and ensure your sales teams, brokers and distributors are focusing on the stores that make the greatest impact on your bottom line


Get Information, When you Need It

Better Sales Intelligence

Dive deeper into your sales and team performance with customized reporting and analytics that will allow you to make smarter decisions and improve your sales process

Comparative Insights

See how team activity and initiatives directly affect sales and make intelligent decisions on when and where to focus to make the biggest impact on sales

Shelvspace is not just another data collection app, we are uniquely different and better

Interactive Coverage Maps

Visualize market coverage with a unique ability to combine all data in a simple but powerful format you can wake up in the morning and take action from

Customized Reporting Suite

Our customized reporting and email automation suite was built for sales teams to use daily without the need of an analyst and in format that is immediately actionable.

Mobile Data Intelligence

Our industry leading mobile app goes beyond workflow and puts data-driven intelligence at reps fingertips in an innovative design your team will love using

Sales + Activity Data Combined

Aggregate sales and shipment data with your own teams activity and instantly see how initiatives directly affects sales and what levers you need to pull to grow your business

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